Protective Poultry Hen Saddle

A Very Warm Welcome to Orpingtonsuk

We are a small family business specialising in the breeding of Rare Breed Poultry and Manufacturers of Quality Handmade Poultry Saddles.

We are currently breeding, Orpingtons, in Lemon Cuckoo, Lavender Blue, and the beautiful Gold laced.

Pekin Bantams in Bobtail, Lemon, and Lavender. Visit us on Facebook to see our latest stock for sale.We only breed from the best bloodline birds we can source, and we are always working to improve breed, as to maintain high quality stock.

Poultry Saddles

High Quality Handmade Poultry Saddles in 15oz waterproof and rotproof canvas. Two different designs, Fleece lined or unlined. Sizes from XS to XXL. Each saddle comes with a lockable adjustable buckle, on the wing strap for comfort and a perfect fit, creating a secure saddle. All saddles are our own design and Copyright protected. Only available through our website.

Want to know a little more? and what size you would need? Checkout our page for more Info..

Orpingtonsuk Poultry Saddle