What are Poultry Saddles?

Why would i need a Poultry saddle?

Poultry saddles have a few different purposes. First they protect your hen from damage by the cockerels spurs. Severe damage can be caused if your hen is not protected as most cockerel’s will have their favourite hens, and with too much attention this can cause feather loss and deep wounds in the hens sides, causing infection and can lead to death. We also find if you have feather pecking issues these come in handy to cover the area that is being plucked out by a feather pecker. Also as you draw near to the end of your breeding season you may find you have some severe molters, and if this is the case, our Molters saddle is a must for keeping them warm, when the weather turns bitter and they have very little feather coverage. As Poultry Breeders we couldn’t find a saddle that stayed on our hens, so decided to design and test them. We now have our design copyright protected, and these are only available via us direct. All saddles come with our fitting instruction sheet.Sizes from Small to XXlarge

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Severe damage from the Cockerel’s Spurs

Dont’ leave getting a saddle until it is too late.Avoid severe damage from your cockerel and protect your girls with our saddles.


Picture courtesy of Tim at Poultrykeeper.com

Need a saddle? Why Our saddles?

We believe that our Poultry Saddles are the best. As Breeders, we tried many Saddles, and got so fed up of them coming off we decided to make and test out our own.

With a unique design we managed to make a saddle which stays on your hen and is adjustable on the wing strap.These are Copyright Protected so can’t be bought anywhere else. Many different designs and sizes available. Full fitting instruction sheet with every purchase. Detailed Video, and images as well. See our page for lots of details on all our designs. Overseas sales welcome.

Delivery times, UK 2-3 days, EU 7-10, Anywhere else 2-3 weeks

Fitting your Poultry Saddle

All saddles will come with a written fitting sheet.


Our designs come in Fleece lined or unlined.

Different designs for different Protection, see our Saddle INFO

All saddles come with our Lockable cam buckle to ensure they don’t come off your hens.

Fitting a protective poultry saddle

Measuring your Hen for a saddle

First measure the length, from her neckline to preen glad, [tail]

Measure width, so as in the picture this hen would need between a 7-8″ wide saddle [ large/xl]

Hens wearing a saddle for the first time

Step by step instructions on fitting our saddles.