A Warm welcome to our site!

We are a small family business specialising in the breeding of Rare Breed Poultry in Derbyshire, England.

. We are currently breeding, Orpingtons, in lemon cuckoo, lavender blue, black, and the beautiful gold laced.

Pekin Bantams in Lemon, and Lavender. See our website:

Pretty Peak Pekins

We only breed from the best bloodline birds we can source, and we are always working to improve breed, as to maintain high quality stock.

Please enjoy having a browse and do contact us if you have an enquiry, many thanks ,Jane Hutchinson.

[No Orpington Eggs or Livestock for 2014]

We are now selling Lavender Pekin Eggs and Livestock.

Saddles are business as usual,thanks Jane

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 gold laced orpington cockerel, uk, derbyshire breeder
splash orpington hen
black orpington cockerel
Lemon Millefleur Dutch Bantam Hen